Get a fair deal

If you are setting up a business, bringing on new partners, doing a deal, or looking to sell out, you should have the reassurance that everything has been done properly in case a disagreement ever happens.

Receiving legal advice and having things recorded in quality documents will give you that certainty and protection.

We can help with these things:

  • Setting up companies, trusts and superannuation funds
  • Documenting agreements for partnerships, joint ventures and other commercial arrangements
  • Documenting a commercial or family loan
  • Updating your Will and Power of Attorney, and giving you a plan for how best to pass on your assets for tax purposes
  • Buying or selling property or businesses
  • Providing advice about superannuation rules, and investments

Happy Clients

Lehmann Law Group has helped me a lot with my business, helping me to change into a company and a trust so I can protect my assets and reduce my tax bill.  It is worth asking to see if they can help you too.

Frequently Asked Questions

We help clients across all Australian States and Territories, as well as overseas clients looking to set up in Australia.  We often carry out meetings over video or phone calls, but also travel for meetings in person.

You can buy and download many documents online yourself these days.  But you need a lawyer to tell you what documents you actually need: Should you setup your business in a Company or a Trust, or a Company owned by a Trust?  Do you want to enter a Partnership or a Joint Venture with someone, or do you just want them to be a contractor?

Lawyers have also seen a lot of disputes and disagreements, and we can tell you what things you should expect to go wrong, and that need to be specifically dealt with in your documents: What happens if your business partner wants to leave the business?  What if they die?  Will you find suddenly yourself in business with the partner’s spouse, who inherited their shares?  What happens if the business suddenly needs money, and your business partner doesn’t want to put in?  Can you receive more shares to take into account the extra money you are putting in?

Get a lawyer to help with these things, so you know they are handled right.

We have the experience you need, and offer our services through a setup and cost structure that makes us more flexible and affordable than other firms.  We like to keep things simple, and give our clients practical solutions that they can understand, and allow them to focus on their business.

We aim to charge on a fixed-fee basis, and tell you upfront what that fee will be.  That is a fair way of doing things, and we do not want you to have any nasty surprises.